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New years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions - a pointless exercise??

Thursday 4th January 2018

People have been pledging New Year self-improvement for thousands of years (ancient Babylonians first made start of year promises back in 1894 BC).

Last year, more than 20% of UK adults said they would be making resolutions for the year ahead.

Celebrity resolutions have included Meghan Markle's annual pledge to "stop biting my nails, stop swearing and re-learn French", while Kim Kardashian wants to "be on my phone less and be more in the moment" (let me stress I don't follow Kim..)

In 2017, Britons keen to make a change vowed to eat better, exercise more and spend less money, according to a YouGov poll.


Top 10 New Year resolutions:

1. Lose weight - 48%

2. Exercise more - 413. 

3. Save more money - 32%

4. Improve diet - 31%

5. Something else - 22%

6. Pursue a career ambition - 15%

7. Spend more time with family - 14%

8. Take up a new hobby - 12%

9. Decorate at home - 11%

10. Cut down on alcohol - 9%


However, while many embark on their New Year to-do Lists with vigour on 1 January, the majority are broken just days later. In 2017, one in five people failed to keep to all of their resolutions in just the first week. So what is the key to sticking to your resolutions and achieving your aims? Well..as you, we are most definitely no expert on the majority of the above points. We can however help you with number 6! If you are an agency Recruiter of any level considering a move please do get in touch – We are always happy to give initial, off the record advice over an informal chat. You can contact the team on 0113 246 0062/ 0161 228 2666 or visit our website www.ruthmoran.co.uk 

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