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A vacancy is more than a completed form.

In order to select the perfect person for your organisation we need to understand your culture, your expectations and the key attributes that candidates must have in order to be successful in your business.

We guarantee to never inundate you with candidates, however you can rest assured that whenever you do receive a candidate from us it will tick the majority, if not all, of your boxes.

Pick up the phone and call us for a confidential conversation (we are also happy to receive calls out of hours as we understand how difficult it may be for you to talk during office hours)


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Specialist Recruitment covering Executive Search and Selection, Legal, Accountancy/Finance, Financial Services/Insurance, Marketing, HR, FMCG, IT, International and Education
Ruth Moran E-mail Ruth Connect on LinkedIn

0113 2460062 or 07970 840061

Technical, Engineering and Construction, Commercial, Health and Social Care
Neil Prestwich E-mail Neil Connect on LinkedIn

0113 2460062 or 07971 094450

Accountancy/Finance, Financial Services, IT, HR, Sales/Marketing and Banking
Lucy Flanagan E-mail Lucy Connect on LinkedIn

0113 2460062 or 07968 489657

Industrial, Driving, Hospitality, Catering and On-site
Rachel Massey E-mail Rachel Connect on LinkedIn

0113 2460062 or 07805687550

Technical, Engineering and construction
Dawn Parkinson E-mail Dawn Connect on LinkedIn

0113 2460062 or 07487508210