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Agency Recruitment Vs. In-House Recruitment

Friday 16th October 2015

Every day we speak to candidates who say they are desperate for in-house recruitment opportunities. After discussing their reasons for wanting to move into an in-house role in more depth, 9 times out of 10 it isn’t an in-house recruitment position they actually want! If you find yourself pondering the idea of moving into an in-house recruitment position, here are some things you may not have considered…

·         You don’t want to do sales anymore.

Many agencies now have consultants, if not whole teams of people who focus purely on candidate sourcing and recruitment. They never have to put in a sales call to a client.

If you thrive of the thrill of the chase involved in finding the right candidate then this could be a great option. In a particularly hot market, a good resourcer can earn a basic salary of up to £28k, and don’t forget there’s still commission! You can seriously make a career for yourself in an agency by sourcing the best candidates. Progression to senior consultant or team lead is a viable option in most firms too.

·         You want a higher basic salary.

Yes, every recruitment consultant would like an increase in basic salary, who wouldn’t! Some companies will offer salaries for in-house recruiters which are higher than the basics for agency recruitment consultants. However, whilst the salaries offered for in-house recruiters may on the surface seem higher, you will never be earning the same levels of commission, if commission is offered at all. If money is your motivator, you’d be wise to stay where you are!

·         You’re not being offered any responsibility or career progression.

Not being offered opportunities to develop yourself doesn’t mean you should leave the agency recruitment sector altogether, it may just mean it’s time to find a new firm! For example, a smaller firm may not be able to offer management opportunities but there are many agencies out there looking for ambitious recruitment consultants looking to progress their career. If you want team lead opportunities or management roles it’s more likely you will find them moving into a different agency rather than moving in-house.

·         You’re bored!

You may think that moving into an in-house recruitment role will be more exciting as you will get to recruit for a wider variety of roles, and yes, this may be the case. However, it’s also incredibly challenging! If you have spent years learning your market, imagine what it takes to understand every sector of a business which you may be required to recruit for: IT, HR, Supply Chain, Finance, Legal, Call Centre!

You may just need a change of sector, or the opportunity to recruit for more senior/ exec level roles within your current sector, rather than move to in-house.

·         You’re generally unhappy


Your reason for wanting to move in-house could be as simple as the fact you haven’t found the right firm for you! Perhaps you hate KPI’s, micromanagement, commission thresholds etc, there is a huge variety of agencies who all work differently. Working with a good rec2rec will help you understand what type of agency would work best for you and get you a foot in the door!