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20 Years Official Anniversary..

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Thanks for the lovely messages. 20 years survived!! We did celebrate at '20 Stories' in Manchester a few weeks ago but today is apparently our official date! Would I do it all again? Probably not. Purely because running your own business is so much harder than I could ever have realised. Of course we've benefited in a buoyant market but we've struggle through recessions and our now saturated UK recruitment market. Of course I was extremely fortunate to have massively supportive parents. My Dad loaned me £60k to start the business and all was going swimmingly until week 2 of trading when we received a 14 page fax informing us that we were being sued by my previous employer!! We went through several months of litigation before finally being able to do what we did best..'recruit'. The rest is history.

So many lessons learned along the way. Certainly the value of having the right team around you but also still managing to retain my faith in human nature. It's so easy to become a cynic in this game but I refuse to be that person. Of course there are occasions when candidates let us down, lie, disappear etc. 99% of the time though they don't and 99% of the time it's a joy finding these fantastic recruiters their next role.

Our team works across the UK and I personally head International. There's nothing I love more than placing a Recruiter in their dream job abroad. It gives me immense satisfaction but I'm also genuinely proud of every single individual who secures an offer.

My son recently asked me why I thought we had endured and built a successful business? I'd have to say (aside from the ability to recruit, sell etc) the acceptance that in perm recruitment you are only ever as good as your last month - continual hard work is what's needed. The businesses I have seen fail have generally done so because they took their 'foot off the gas' and thought they'd made it. Big mistake. I work harder and longer hours than I ever have done and whilst working 'smart' is also important, you have to be prepared to put 110% in! Right, back to work, bills to pay, Happy Anniversary RMC!