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Why Ambitious Talented Recruiters Should move to Berlin

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Are you an experienced Agency Recruiter with 6-12 months min experience behind you in 360 degree recruitment? Do you long to leave the UK but don't want to be TOO far away? Then why not consider a move to Amsterdam? Ruth Moran Consulting can help!!! Below are a few reasons why you should consider a move sooner rather than later.

1.      Cost of living is low

Berlin’s start up scene is currently thriving! Low costs and a vibrant cultural scene have long since been attracting British residents, but in the wake of Brexit, many now see Berlin as a creative and affordable alternative to London’s sky-high living costs. The start-up scene in Berlin is growing at a pace that exceed other regions such as the UK and Sweden. Education standards in Berlin are top-notch and international students also go free.

2.      Career progression

The Berlin market for Recruitment professional is booming at the moment. Companies are consistently on the search for new talent. They are well established companies alongside new rising company starting to flood the market. The work life balance is amazing as Germans work fewer hours than the UK and your minimum annual holiday entitlement is typically 30 days.

3.      Berlin’s culture

Berlin offers accessibility across the city, its big enough to offer incredible variety, small enough to be 30 minutes away from almost anything you want to do. You have the opportunity to be spontaneous with your social choices as there’s a 24 hour public transport system that runs from Friday to Sunday. Berlin’s nightlife is off the hook! They is a multitude of world-class bars, restaurants and clubs that are open till late. If you fancy a more chilled atmosphere you can head Northwest coast of Germany which has beaches with miles of deserted dunes just waiting to be explored.

4.      Diversity

Did you know? 16.5% of Berlin’s population is foreign, with 186 different nationalities residing within the city. It’s a great place to meet new people from different culture. Did we forget to say, the food is out of this world too!!

5.      Because it’s Berlin

We know many people that have visited Berlin and almost instantly made the decision to move here. The wealth of galleries, museums, pop-up exhibitions, restaurants, cafes and markets make it an impossible city to exhaust. Berlin is undoubtedly hasn’t fulfilled its potential as a tech capital. Berlin’s future looks bright – why not be part of it!! If you are interested in a move to this fantastic location please Call/WhatsApp/Text Ruth 24/7 on 07970 840061 or email [email protected] 

NB we can only accept applications from agency recruiters.