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Celebrating 17 Years in Rec to Rec

Tuesday 9th February 2016

Nowadays there are rec to recs setting up virtually daily (or it certainly seems that way). The economy is once again on the 'up' and what comes with that is a huge surge of recruiters who claim to be experts in their field coming onto the market. I get that, we all started somewhere.


My real concern now, however, is that the quality of the market is disintegrating. You will speak to candidates who you struggle to place because of unrealistic expectations, excessive movement on CV's or poor billings but our success rate is extremely high for those of you in major cities who have decent experience.


When you come to us we will be brutally honest, we will tell you if we can't help and more importantly if you want our advice we will happily give it with no expectation of something in return. Every week I hear my colleagues suggest other options to people making initial enquiries if we are unable to help them. I also hear them working very quickly on new candidates who they really can assist. If we take you on we really do support you through the process with honest feedback, evening and weekend consultations if you need them and 17 'real' years of knowledge of the rec to rec industry.


Bottom line this means that whatever you need, from interview tips to the very basic things a client wants to see at interview in order for you for to 'nail' that dream job, we will be with you every step of the way.



For further information or for an initial out of hours conversation (in confidence and without obligation) please contact Ruth Moran, Managing Director, Ruth Moran Consulting on 07970 840061 or email [email protected]