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Are you an Agency Recruiter considering an International move?

Wednesday 17th July 2019

We are delighted that so many of you are eager to find out what an International move involves. To assist you we've made a few notes that might help you decide if it's a move that would work for you.

  • In terms of visas you need 3 years in agency recruitment or 4 without for the USA; 2 years plus degree or 5 without for Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore 2 years plus degree or 3 without; Dubai varies but generally two years plus degree to be considered by our clients, some will hire without a degree though. Amsterdam and Berlin are hugely popular at the moment though as you don't require a visa to live and work there!


  • Cost of living does vary across the globe but so do salaries. If you are looking for a move to the USA we can either look at less expensive locations for you to live like Texas (think white picket fences and a great family 'feel') or New York which compares to London. We generally advise recruiters to keep it simple in terms of accommodation with any International move initially and can also advise on the best neighbourhoods to live until your commission cheques start rolling in!


  • Processes do vary but once we have your CV, have sent you a list of options and you've agreed to those options, we will speak to the clients on your behalf. For the USA we tend to set up initial telephone calls in the evening UK time, Dubai early morning etc. In essence though our clients can generally speak to you at a time that doesn't involve time out of work. Final interviews may either be in the UK (if our client has an office there) or via Facetime or Skype. With modern technology these international moves are pretty easy to navigate though and can be conducted generally from the comfort of your own home.


  • Once you secure your offer the client generally takes over and if visas are needed they will cover all associated legal costs and walk you through the process. Dubai is pretty simple, the USA involves a fair bit of form filling but please be assured you will be guided through this and will always have help at hand. We always keep in touch with candidates, even after they start their new roles as, whilst most absolutely love their new lives, some recruiters need additional support. We've introduced recruiters moving internationally to other recruiters we know who are already 'on the ground' and there's no doubt that the ex-pat community in all locations is welcoming and inclusive.



  • Not married but moving Internationally with your partner? The regs can vary but for example if you want to move with your partner to the USA they will need to qualify independently for a visa? Unless they are a recruiter this is the 'bit' of the process we can't advise on so worth doing some due diligence on this OR getting 'hitched'!


  • The Brits are hugely sought after Internationally so we are always keen to speak to 360 agency recruiters and managers looking to make the move. You MUST have a stable CV and decent billings (min £12-15k a month) to qualify. Clients generally won't hire 'job hoppers' because it's too risky for them financially.


  • A final point - every single location we deal with is more buoyant than the UK market is currently. As Brexit unfolds the idea of making an International move is becoming increasingly popular. On that basis we have to be selective and can only work on those candidates who are genuinely in a position to move within the next six months AND fully committed to the move!

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