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Why should you use Rec2Rec?

Thursday 10th September 2015

If you are an experienced recruitment consultant looking for a new role, the chances are you will have considered using a rec2rec, but just what can they offer that you can’t do for yourself?

1. A rec2rec consultant, especially one which specialises in a specific area, will have access to and knowledge of upcoming roles/ promotions within the industry that are often never advertised. As a good recruiter, you should be registered with a rec2rec consultant even if you aren’t currently looking for roles so that you don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity! 

2. Rec2rec consultants are sales people too! We can work on your behalf to explain that low billing month to a client, or why you left that last job, things which can be difficult to discuss, all in a positive way. We can also help negotiate salaries using our expertise and market knowledge. We can advise on what is and isn’t a good package and if you could get better elsewhere.   

3. A good rec2rec consultant spends time getting to know their clients inside and out. We learn what the team is like, the culture, what the KPI’s are really like, what the hours are really going to be, who their biggest clients are, will you really be getting a warm desk. Knowing all this information means we can advise you properly and make sure you don’t waste your time applying for a role which is advertised as fantastic but in reality, isn’t that great!

4. We can use our specialist knowledge to give you advice on how to make the most of your new opportunity. We can give you information on what the market looks like and what you need to be doing to make it work.

5. As recruiters, we spend hours looking at CV’s but often neglect our own. A good rec2rec will work with you to make sure your CV is really highlighting your skills and expertise.

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